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We cover wide range of services each of which is addressed by a team of highly qualified specialists in the relevant field.


Real Estate


Insolvency and Restructuring


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GDPR and personal data protection


Corporate Law


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Real Estate

We are renowned for our expertise in the field of real estate throughout the entire Central and Eastern European region. With our high level of expertise, qualifications, necessary commercial oversight in real estate law, and a wide range of related services, we have established a leading position and strong presence in this market segment.

We cover all areas of the real estate market, including acquisitions, sales, development, commercial leases, joint ventures, mergers, financing, property management, and other everyday legal advisory services. In the real estate sector, we collaborate with a wide range of clients, providing meaningful solutions for all their business matters.

In the Central and Eastern European region, we have an extensive history of significant transactions, representing both buyers and sellers. As a result, we have a comprehensive understanding of transaction processes and the risks that may arise during the course of transactions.

Thanks to our broad and specialized scope, our services encompass office, retail, hotel, logistics, residential, and infrastructure projects.

We bring high-added value to our clients. We always focus on the essence of each transaction and avoid getting entangled in insignificant details that may complicate the process.

Banking & Finance

At Wilsons, we have gained an excellent reputation for providing legal services in the field of banking and finance, covering all aspects of acquisition, project, and corporate financing. This applies to both banks and borrowing entities.

Our team members in the banking and finance department are experienced professionals in all areas related to corporate financing, M&A, and investment markets.

Real Estate and Project Financing

We provide advice to banks and borrowing entities in the field of real estate, energy, and infrastructure project financing in the Czech Republic and other countries in Central and Eastern Europe. We have a deep understanding of the different needs of creditors and debtors, as well as knowledge of current market standards.

In this field, we can assist clients with acquisition, development, and other types of loans, refinancing of existing syndicated and bilateral loans, as well as assessment of related risks. Financed properties include office, retail, and industrial projects, as well as residential development.

Corporate Financing

We deal with the entire spectrum of corporate financial services, including M&A and project financing. Our activities in the field of banking and finance cover institutional and strategic investments, investment funds, private equity, venture capital, pension, insurance, and banking sectors, as well as regulations related to financing, securities, and related supervision.

Mergers and Acquisitions

We assist companies in creating strategies, making and implementing business decisions, and overall supporting them in their successful growth.

We represent both foreign and local companies across the Central and Eastern European region in various types of transactions. While real estate is our primary specialization, we also work in industries such as automotive, petrochemicals, food, and more. We engage in establishing new business entities, conducting acquisitions and/or sales, mergers, reorganizations, and related financial operations.

At Wilsons, we make an effort to delve into the areas in which our clients operate. It is a fundamental prerequisite for us to provide the best possible legal advice.

A notable advantage of our M&A team is its ability to represent clients in both private equity and institutional investment sectors. Thus, we consistently provide comprehensive services to investors in all aspects of capital transactions, including:

  • Fund formation

  • Structuring transactions, managing and negotiating deals

  • Restructuring, refinancing, and related acquisitions

  • Portfolio management

  • Regulatory aspects

  • Exit planning (including direct sales, recapitalization, and IPOs)

Corporate Law

At Wilsons, we offer expert legal advice in the field of corporate law, which is essential for successful company management and business transactions. Our services cover a wide range of areas, including company formation, mergers and acquisitions, restructuring, corporate governance and compliance, employment law, and/or supply contracts.

With our extensive experience and expertise in corporate law, we can provide comprehensive and up-to-date legal services to our clients, who are often entrepreneurs, companies, and investors. Our goal is to provide tailored legal solutions that reflect the specific needs and objectives of our clients.

Our law firm is characterized by a personal approach to each client, with an emphasis on effective and transparent communication. This enables us to offer comprehensive and well-thought-out legal strategies that support the long-term success of our clients in the corporate field.

Our corporate practice group comprehensively covers all aspects of corporate business, including:

  • Formation, dissolution, or liquidation of companies

  • Routine corporate changes, including amendments to founding documents, appointment and removal of statutory and other company bodies, changes in the registered office, business name, etc.

  • Representation at general meetings

  • Structuring and implementation of joint ventures

  • Shareholders agreements

  • Legal analysis and due diligence

  • Collaboration with notaries and tax advisors

  • Functioning contracts

  • Managerial agreements

  • Other employment law matters related to company management

  • Compliance programs


When resolving our clients' disputes, we strive to accommodate their needs and expectations to the fullest extent. Whether representing clients in pre-litigation negotiations or at any stage of judicial or arbitration proceedings, our focus is always on achieving an effective resolution in favour of the client, while minimizing unnecessary costs.

The experiences and understanding of our client's businesses are crucial to reaching the desired outcomes. Our lawyers have deep knowledge and extensive experience in industry matters across various sectors. This enables them to choose the most suitable means and procedural strategies that maximize our clients' commercial success. This unique combination allows for comprehensive anticipation of potential legal, commercial, and reputational risks, strengthening our clients' positions in any negotiation.

Our lawyers have extensive courtroom experience, representing both defendants and plaintiffs in various forms of commercial disputes. They are adept at handling complex cases and representing clients in specialized arbitrations (including international ones) and specialized courts, including the European Court of Human Rights. We also have extensive experience in alternative and out-of-court dispute resolution methods.

Insolvency & Restructuring

When a crisis arises and companies face bankruptcy, debtors, creditors, and business partners must act quickly and decisively to preserve the value of their company, real estate, or investments. This allows them to buy time for stabilization and prevent the negative impacts of insolvency. Above all, it is necessary to create and implement an effective strategy, often under time pressure. We understand that these situations are highly unpleasant and sensitive. Therefore, at Wilsons, we have created a team of experts specializing in this field, utilizing their knowledge and experience to protect the interests of our clients.

Insolvency law is highly formal and must always be followed in strict compliance with regulations. The insolvency law of the Czech Republic is complex, and many questions still arise in its practical application. Lawyers often rely on legal arguments from similar situations addressed in foreign legal systems or general legal approaches. Clients appreciate well-prepared lawyers who have the courage to persuade insolvency judges and administrators of their viewpoint.

In every crisis, there is also an opportunity for new possibilities. There are moments when companies can still be saved, restructured, or reorganized. We have the necessary knowledge and experience to guide you through these challenging times. At Wilsons, we help you seize the hidden opportunities for your company.

Our team of experts navigates clients through complex situations and provides practical solutions to protect their interests. In challenging cases, we identify the appropriate course of action and provide effective assistance. We represent clients in insolvency proceedings, including litigation if necessary.

Energy Sector

Experience and expertise are crucial in an industry undergoing rapid and significant changes. Our law firm has established itself as a prominent player in the energy sector, not only in the Czech Republic but also in other countries where we operate. Our extensive experience and deep understanding of the energy industry enable us to provide expert legal advice to our clients, including multinational energy companies and private investors focusing on both conventional and renewable energy sources.

Within the ever-evolving energy industry, we understand the importance of keeping pace with rapid developments. Our team of experienced energy lawyers regularly monitors industry trends and developments to provide our clients with current and relevant legal advice. We are proactive and flexible, swiftly adapting to the changing legal and regulatory landscape of the energy sector.

Our focus on the energy sector has allowed us to gain a profound understanding of the complex legal and regulatory framework governing the industry. Our expertise covers a wide range of energy-related issues, including electricity and gas market regulations, energy efficiency, renewable energy, and conventional energy. We have successfully advised clients on a range of significant energy projects, including mergers and acquisitions, joint ventures, project financing, and compliance with regulatory requirements.

In our law firm, we recognize that each client is unique, and therefore, we strive to provide tailored legal solutions that cater to their specific needs.

GDPR and Personal Data Protection

We understand that the legal framework for personal data protection, especially with the introduction of GDPR, can be challenging. Therefore, we offer our clients expert advisory services and cooperation in this crucial area.

Our services include comprehensive audits of personal data processing and protection, followed by GAP analysis to assess compliance with GDPR standards. Based on the analysis, we implement measures to achieve full GDPR compliance, including documentation updates and the development of internal policies.

Our team provides guidance on integrating these measures into daily practices and offers training to employees and management.

Additionally, we provide guidance on cross-border data transfers and help clients navigate the legal environment associated with such transfers, ensuring GDPR compliance. Our thorough understanding of GDPR makes us an ideal partner for companies seeking comprehensive solutions in the field of personal data protection.

Intellectual Property

We are well aware that in today's modern world, the protection of intangible assets represented by intellectual property is an essential part of any business. Well-established intellectual property protection is important not only for safeguarding one's own business products but also for providing sufficient guarantees to potential investors regarding the security of their investments in this aspect.


Therefore, our law firm specializes in providing legal advice in the field of industrial property law, particularly regarding the registration of trademarks, patents, and other industrial property rights, including representation before relevant local and foreign authorities. In addition, we regularly handle issues of copyright, licensing agreements, and other related areas that have specific characteristics unique to each industry.

Additional Services

  • ESG

  • Courses and Training for Clients

  • Legislative Monitoring

  • Employment Law

  • Legal Audits and Analysis 

  • Debt Recovery Management

  • Contract Law

  • Administrative Law

  • Construction Law/Management

  • Debt Collection

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