Antitrust & Competition

Laying down the first stone of a corporate structure in what is still an unpredictable market, previous Wilsons’ clients have minimized their risk exposure by involving the team in the early stages of their decision-making process.

In today’s competitive environment, a clear policy is often the key to carrying out a successful business.

Wilsons’ anti-trust/competition services cover everything from EU and national investigations of dominant cartels or concerted practices to complex regulatory issues, state aid, or mergers that require clearance from multiple authorities, to product design and distribution structures.  Whether as a precautionary measure or when real issues arise, clients that wish to minimise their risk exposure in the current unpredictable markets involve Wilsons in the very earliest stages of their decision-making process.

Wilsons offers an unmatchable team of experts that have guided leading international and local corporations on matters that impact F&B, finance, insurance, pharmaceuticals, petrochemicals, utilities, energy, telecommunications, transport and other strongly regulated industries.

The team is regularly involved in advising some of the most dominant businesses in the region on their global competition and regulatory strategies, ensuring that their business and legal needs are clearly aligned, and its success in this area is a testament to the team’s thorough knowledge of this sophisticated and constantly changing area.


Clients in this practice area include:

  • Carlyle
  • Generali
  • Kofola
  • ČMSS
  • Penam