Banking & Finance

Wilsons has a highly reputable Banking & Finance practice that covers everything from real estate and corporate and project acquisition financing, to advising banks and corporate borrowers.

Wilsons helps companies to form strategies, adopt and implement their business decisions and, in general, supports them as they grow bigger, stronger and more successful. The banking and finance team has expertise that covers all sectors of the corporate, M&A and investment markets.


Corporate Finance

Wilsons handles the whole gambit of corporate finance services, including M&A and project financing.  Its banking/finance activity also covers institutional and strategic investments, investment funds, private equity, venture capital, pensions, insurance and the banking sectors, as well as financial and security-related regulations and supervision.


Insolvency & Restructuring

When it comes to a crisis, distressed businesses, debtors, creditors and business partners need to act quickly and decisively in order to preserve the value of their company, property or investment, to buy time, to achieve stability and to seek relief and avoid the negative effects of insolvency.  The challenge is to develop and execute an effective strategy whilst being exposed to time pressure. Wilsons understands the concerns of its clients and is able to use its skill and knowledge in order to protect the clients’ interests.

In every crisis there are windows of opportunity; moments when businesses can still be rescued, rehabilitated or reorganized, and Wilsons have the necessary skills and experience to guide you through these times
Insolvency laws are very formal and absolute compliance with the statutes is necessary. With the relatively new Insolvency Act in the Czech Republic, there are still numerous questions for practical life, and lawyers often have to make a case using foreign law arguments and a general law approach.  Clients appreciate well prepared lawyers that have the courage to persuade insolvency judges and trustees about their position.

Wilsons will help you to seize hidden opportunities.


Real Estate and Project Financing

Wilsons advises banks as well as corporate borrowers in relation to the financing of real estate, energy, and infrastructure projects in the Czech Republic and other CEE countries. It has an extensive understanding of the different requirements of both lending and borrowing clients, as well as current market practices.

Wilsons can assist clients with acquisitions, developments and VAT facilities, the refinancing of existing loans, whether syndicated or bilateral, and risk participation. Financed properties range from offices, retail, and warehouses, to residential developments.

In the area of project finance, Wilsons specializes in renewable energies and public infrastructure.


Clients in this practice area include:

  • UniCredit Bank
  • Česká spořitelna
  • Komerční banka
  • Aareal Bank
  • MONETA Money Bank
  • Helaba
  • Equa Bank
  • Hypo Noe
  • LBBW Bank