Deal With Confidence

From natural resource-powered energy systems to nuclear sub-stations, the energy markets involve multi and inter-disciplinary expertise.

Wilsons has been active in the energy sector for a number of years, bringing highly effective and innovative business solutions to its clients, who include major international energy corporates that are involved in power generation, nuclear and renewable energy. Wilsons offers turnkey tailored services built around a proactive team work using its real estate practice for green field investments, its corporate practice for the investment structuring and incentive management, and its banking & finance practice to structure and implement the economic feasibility of the projects.


Clients in this area of practice include:

  • Consorcium MIR.1200 and JV Nuclear Power Alliance in connection with participation in the tender for completion of the 3rd and 4th Temelin nuclear power plant blocks
  • Sky Solar, a multinational investor and developer (with its place of business in Shanghai), specialising in photovoltaic projects
  • Jiangsu Zongyi Solar Power Co., Ltd., a Chinese manufacturer, investor and operator in the field of solar energy
  • Shell